5 E-commerce Features You Must Have

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The key to finding the perfect e-commerce platform is to make sure it minimizes what you’re facing as you search. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your e-commerce has to have all the latest features. What you do need is a few solid components that guarantee customer satisfaction in order to remain relevant and competitive.

E-commerce Features You Need to Have

While every online business is different, here are some e-commerce features that you might want to take into consideration. This list is good for someone wanted to start a new e-commerce business. Let’s dive in!

Multiple Payment Option

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The very important e-commerce feature you need is a variety of payment gateway. There is a preferred way of payment for each customer.

Another person might prefer to use e-Wallet since they can make purchases with the easiest step that is required to scan the QR code. While another person might want to use their Visa card so that they can earn points.

Make sure the platform has a variety of payment processing providers to choose from when evaluating new platforms. For example, Narrow Store is integrated with SenangPay that supports over 10 payment gateways, including e-Wallet payment. If you are doing international business and prefer PayPal as a payment source, Narrow Store also can support PayPal as your payment method.

Don’t limit yourself from international expansion by not selling cross-border now. Ensure the platform can handle transactions and settle payments in multiple currencies.

Customization Opportunities

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Your business is totally unique to you, and you want to convey that to your customer. Moreover, you probably manage your business differently than someone else. That’s what customization is the key to great e-commerce features.

Consider your business model and specific customers when selecting the e-commerce platform. As a coder, your first priority should be to create unique functionality. Otherwise, you should consider ease of use if you’re not a website designer.

A drag-and-drop website builder can give you all the functionality you need to make these changes without requiring additional coding experience.

However, Narrow Store is the right choice if you’re searching for a ready-made e-commerce platform and need it immediately. What you need to do is customize by yourself to fit the theme of your business.

A Catalog That Can Grow As You Grow

Imagine that you are running a clothing store and you’re making a lot of effort to be inclusive. So you offer: 

  • There are a variety of sizes, from extra small to 6XL
  • A variety of colors are available for each item
  • Various designs, such as tank tops and long sleeves
  • A wide variety of options are available for men, women, children, and babies

There’s no doubt that your product catalog is going to become extremely cluttered. As a business owner, you need to anticipate growth.

Prepare yourself for the various types of technologies you’ll need. You should then ask yourself if you choose this kind of e-commerce platform is it able to support those technologies.

Shipping Information & Strategy

One of the important parts of e-commerce features is having a clear shipping method. Shipping can be done in a number of ways depending on the distance covered and the speed of delivery required.

Generally, people want to know when they can expect to receive their goods and how much they will have to pay. This information should be in a few places on your e-commerce store such as on the product page and in your FAQs.

It is possible to save money by handling your own shipping when you are starting an e-commerce business. With time, it will become impossible for you to handle the shipping of your goods yourself as your business grows. This scenario requires you to hire a company that handles shipping and logistics.

Make sure to include tracking number information for your customer. With tracking numbers, it is possible for your customers to track the progress of the shipment from the beginning to the end, including any stops made along the way.

Friendly To All Devices

e-commerce features - mobile friendly

Having responsive web design in e-commerce features is essential in this day. On the other hand, over a third of today’s smartphone users spend over three hours per day using their devices. 87% of smartphone users use a search engine at least once per day. So, optimizing your e-commerce store is crucial in this day.

For instance, it’s easy to tell when your hotel’s website has been optimized for mobile devices. Not only is it simpler to navigate and use than a compatible website, but you’ll likely see lower bounce rates, better engagement, and higher conversions.

Optimizing this e-commerce feature provides shoppers with a much more appealing shopping experience. Shopping on mobile devices is a trend now and will only continue to grow, so it’s time to optimize your website.

Narrow Store is one of the best e-commerce platforms for mobile optimization. It is very responsive no matter which device you have been using, including on a tab or iPad.  Furthermore, Narrow Store developed a mobile app for their online store, get it on Playstore for free. As a result, your customers will have a better shopping experience.

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